What are the consequences if the engine mount is broken?

If the engine mount is broken, the engine will vibrate violently during operation, which may cause danger during driving. The engine of the car is fixed on the frame, and the engine has a bracket. There are also rubber machine pads where the engine and the frame are connected. This machine foot pad can cushion the vibration generated by the engine when it is running. If the engine mount is broken, the engine will not be firmly fixed to the frame, which is very dangerous.3bf881070e781a90d2388e68cd9cc855

The engine bracket pad is also called machine foot glue, and its scientific name is engine mount. The main function is to support the engine and distribute the load, because every time it is started, the engine will have a torsional moment, so the engine rubber can balance this force. At the same time, the machine foot rubber also plays the role of shock absorption and supporting the engine. If it is damaged, the direct manifestation will be severe engine vibration, which may also be accompanied by abnormal noise.
Common symptoms of a broken engine mount pad are as follows:
1. When driving under high torque, the car will be tilted, and the car will be buckled when reversing. This can be solved by increasing the accelerator.
2. The engine vibrates greatly when starting or turning on the air conditioning. The steering wheel vibrates significantly when driving at high speed, and the accelerator and brake pedals also vibrate.
3. When accelerating in second or third gear, you often hear the sound of rubber friction.
The engine mount is broken and needs to be repaired immediately. The machine foot pads are aging and need to be replaced immediately.

Post time: Jan-30-2024